[资料] 真正安装Catia V5R26 RADE CAA开发环境和 VS2012配合终极版

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细节太多,有些人安装后 run time prompt 是灰色的,编译报错等等,高版本需要依赖低版本,真的很坑爹哦!8 `9 E9 U: d& V& L: i; o! s0 g* o

0 p- {) R1 Q. g2 ~# ~# M6 b2 ^0 `& w0 F# G. r: w, z: U
You not only need both VS2008 (VC++ 2009) and VS2012 (VC++ 2011) you need both RADE R24 and R26.
! T' d5 l/ u% V  }, ?+ V4 X$ A* n
0 B( x1 x% ~+ Z- M6 cThe reason for two compilers is because some things (Any custom automation interfaces) require the VC++ 2009 compiler. In use you only use VS2012. It will call the other compiler automatically for things when it needs to. $ n- B' u/ G0 z3 l
  U7 T' Z; L4 X! a# h
Below are my install notes for installing CAA for R25. Hopefully just substitue R26 for R25 and you should be good.
9 G# P6 p& P3 P; M
: `3 ]6 R7 m& r" j6 Q+ \ 9 K+ r7 @; r! i6 s1 X% |; ]6 B2 v3 W

/ V' r; E+ P' v0 c. _* I3 {1. Install VS 2008" O' U" N& H5 F) S

) P. K( M6 l3 w; X4 p8 y, l--> Make sure to select the 64 bit compiler tools which are not selected by default- T& J7 L8 @8 Z& O

# {4 i5 U+ w2 w6 V8 H( Z  g" }1 n--> No need for Crystal Reports crapware.
$ b# n% `$ i- A, k' N1 `' C4 |3 O) {- B9 n0 Q% n" x2 W4 }
2. Install VS2008 SP1
  G" V! d* t" x: U' [
1 [" D: T2 R, i3. Install R25 CAA! H5 c3 L2 @; [, T

7 q: j- |3 B5 z& C7 S$ S, C4. Install R25 CAA SP4 + y6 d# @6 h) G0 D' d  {9 |

/ F' {7 R: O. v6 ^! i$ u. s/ t5. Install R24 RADE+ ?1 @$ M& x' _& z  F

1 p0 p6 ]; Y! @7 w5 S( n0 N/ W$ z$ p--> Use a path without any spaces; for example C:\ProgramFiles\DS\B24RADE
& P6 s  h$ w: p2 U* M) f3 c5 [
6 o9 k: X2 a" V. Z% M2 d& N6. navigate to the folder C:\ProgramFiles\DS\B24RADE\intel_a\code\bin and run the program CATVBTSetup.exe
( \- `7 z2 {# [1 x( w$ L" U4 h  h% I- h- J+ k* Z+ [$ {7 _
--> Select Visual Studio 2008 as the target application7 r* N/ r) M$ l! P7 n, s6 E
' @% M& E7 D! _* g2 A+ }# T# h$ T
--> Check all the boxes
0 C. m- O9 X9 `& P" j+ p4 ?: X3 R% Z. F
--> Click Install7 Q8 J2 a5 Q- B4 J2 x+ a3 c
) _: N( ?( d. `* x) C
--> Click Close
) E3 p: E2 z, U. ]7 m3 e% j
! R/ V" a! k1 F5 l- Y/ \: L7. Install VS 2012
3 Y5 g) Z6 \- G! B2 i4 S& i! m; p- D4 N  L0 y5 a
8. Install VS 2012 SP4! B! M5 k+ u! B. ^: U* U
' `: b7 d( w4 _
9. Install R25 RADE$ @. J8 c6 V+ w6 x

4 R/ h3 ~' X% c7 E  o2 x--> Use a path without any spaces; for example C:\ProgramFiles\DS\B25RADE
9 b0 ]# s$ G- r0 h8 t7 s/ t& d) H7 p/ m# ~) X5 p( m
--> For the environment, the sUGgested default path is OK but creat the directory first. It does not seem to be built automatically. , {  P7 _/ Q* z* A3 n" ~8 N

# ~! D8 ~4 d" X2 B) J3 I* y. Z! r10. Run the program C:\ProgramFiles\DS\B25RADE\intel_a\code\bin\3DSOpenNativeAppExt2012.vsix
3 F5 f2 w! E. i1 }- X0 Y9 N
3 O" D$ I. q, v2 E6 F0 M) s4 t--> Install the application
& \2 U, y2 @! B* |. Y' x6 i1 t6 C" ]. l: s
11. Run the program  C:\ProgramFiles\DS\B25RADE\intel_a\code\bin\CATVBTSetup.exe
, w7 l0 k  y- I0 o! @
$ g& C8 ^! v' X, Y0 X! u  Q--> Click the check box for IBM/Rational tools
$ |8 T) C* F* P8 s3 b, H
* Y  S1 K7 E7 B8 y--> Select all the options
4 i2 S2 _9 I' G) B; e" S3 W; o/ G. K
--> Go
1 X1 f/ }6 {/ N  Z3 E" L4 F5 L' B: d* W7 ~- |7 D8 R
12. Start Visual Studio 2012, H! A- |: d) x1 l
% K" o6 J; r& m% P
--> The options panel should be displayed% |* q/ ]5 q2 K2 b5 Y
, x) h, h& Z4 Y7 n( [
--> Enter the path to TCk_init.bat which should be C:\ProgramFiles\DS\B25RADE\intel_a\code\command\tck_init.bat
2 Y3 o* @9 x! a" T, R% O5 W7 Y& I0 i0 y" l% a6 n: H  B
13. Restart Visual Studio 2012) K; E2 x  M% O* a" O9 A5 r9 I
: l7 T! _4 @; M( _7 i
--> The tools should now be available.   ?0 s' W+ |' z
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