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[转载] UG 运动仿真模拟,UG 机械包退役,NX 运动仿真取代

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    UG 运动仿真模拟,UG 机械包退役,NX 运动仿真取代

    这也许是 大家看到 Simcenter的原因! 求解器改了!

    Replacement and retirement for NX Motion Simulation, NX Mechanism and NX Motion Simulation for Ideas

    Dear NX Motion Simulation Customer (products codes: UG11031 or UG2620 or UGID30512),

    In order to better respond to the ever-growing simulation needs of our customers, Siemens PLM Software has decided to replace the NX Motion Simulation (UG11031) product and the NX Mechanism product (UG2620) with the product NX Motion (NX30557) based on Siemens PLM own multi-body solver that came from the acquisition of LMS. This solver provides the same as well as additional enhanced multi-body simulation solver capabilities. Extensive testing of the Siemens PLM solver on a very broad variety of simulation models has shown significant improvements in both solution speed as well as quality of the results. The solver is also the same solver which powers the Simcenter Motion product (available since 5 August 2016), providing continuity in our customers' simulation processes.

    The replacement and retirement of NX Motion Simulation (UG11031) and Mechanism product (UG2620) takes full effect at the release of NX 13. To allow customers to gradually transition to the new product and solver, the replacement product (NX Motion, NX30557) is available today with release NX 11.  This ensures that customers have ample time to validate the new solver technology on proprietary data and processes.

    The product, NX Motion Simulation for Ideas (UGID30512), will remain. While its integrated solver will be replaced with the Siemens PLM solver at the release of NX 13.

    With NX 11, the new Simcenter Motion solver is automatically available for UG11031, UG2620 and UGID30512 customers at no extra cost. This solver option is called 'NX Motion' since NX11.0.2.

    We recommend that customers take the opportunity, during this timeframe of two releases, to test and validate the Simcenter Motion Solver. Customers can also swiTCh to NX30557 at any time prior to the NX 13 release, ensuring the least amount of interruptions to processes. With the NX13 release, an automatic transition to the new product and solver will take place.

    In parallel to the NX11 release, Siemens PLM Software has launched the Simcenter 3D portfolio of which Simcenter Motion is the multi-body simulation application. The Simcenter Motion solver is the backbone of both the NX Motion (NX30557) product as well as of the Simcenter Motion product. It is the same solver technology that has been powering the LMS Virtual.Lab Motion solutions for many years and is now also available on the NX platform. The Simcenter Motion solver is best-in-class, inheriting more than 30 years of development with excellent customer feedback.

    We also recommend the Simcenter Motion portfolio with added-value solutions for Flexible Body, Mechatronics and Control (MATLAB and Amesim), and Tires.
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